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Fundraisers 2017

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee meets the FIRST WEDNESDAY of EVERY MONTH at The Vine @ 7PM.

Please contact any of the following committee members for details on Lakeland Hawks Fundraisers:
Karissa Livingston
Karla Wotruba
Roben Haggart
Connie Richards
Jamie Gilbertson


**Hawks players and families! Start selling your Deeds now! Please contact any of the committee members above for more deeds or to return your sold deed money, or to sign up to work on September 30th, the day of the event!

1. There will be only one Grand Prize winner. The prize will not be split. If the cow pie lands on a line, or more than one line, the "matter" in each plot will be decided upon by the assayers. Assayers will decide on the first and second prize winners. Decisions by assayers shall be final and unappealable. 2. The area covered by the pie will be the sole criteria, not the volume or weight of the "matter". 3. The cow (or heifer, calf, or bull) will be turned onto the pasture (pen) at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 30th, 2017. The cow (heifer, calf, or bull) will be removed at 3:00pm the same day, or sooner, if there seems to be a cow-arrhea problem. 4. If the winning plop lands on a plot which is not registered, or if the cow (heifer, calf, or bull) is cowstipated, there will be a drawing of all DEEDS at 2:00pm, Saturday, September 30th, 2017. First and Second prizes will be honored. 5. In order to qualify as a pie, the deposit must be at least 3 inches in diameter. (See illustrations). 6. Land owners need not be present to win. 7. All "cow plops" sell for $10.00 each. The Plop The deposit must be at least 3 inches in diameter. Splatlettes do not qualify.