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Concession Schedule

2018-2019 Concession Contact
Jaymie Welch
Please email Jaymie with any questions regarding concessions. Click on her name to send an email to her!

Concessions is being stocked and will be open for games this weekend! It is your teams responsibility to have concessions open and operating during these games. It may be a good idea to have a rotation so every family operates during the home games. We know its not ideal to not be watching your skater play during these games but often you are the only families at the rink during your games. Concessions is generally not busy during games because everyone is watching and you can watch from our beautiful lobby. Hopefully a team parent can organize the home rotation. 

If anyone is interested in providing a homemade soup for concessions to sell we would love to improve every aspect of our facility. Sometimes things we purchase to sell are very average. We’d be happy to use your prep time plus as part of your mandated 35 volunteer hours. Jamie Welch has accepted the large task of operating concessions again this year. She has a sign up sheet outside the booth like last year for game sign ups. Like every year, hockey families are responsible to operate a concession booth for one high school game. Please sign up as soon as possible for optimum spots. Families not signed up will be assigned games randomly December 1. Figure Skating also signs up for these games. 

***Please Read***
Dibs has been discontinued this year. A concession sign up sheet will be available at the rink and be located on the concession door. Please sign up for games next time you are at the rink. Once your slot has been filled, fill out your concessions hours in the box at the rink near the concession stand in the entryway!