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Job Postings 2020/2021

Outdoor rink Volunteer hours available:

Top board rail repair (Safety Concern) – Most of the plastic guarding the top of the boards has curled up.  They need to be drilled down and secured.  Tools needed; drill & screws 1”-1 ½” outdoor deck screws.

Poly Board repair (Safety Concern) – 60-75% of the rivets holding up the poly boards need to be checked and removed or replaced.    The goal is to make the rink skateable without ripping up your equipment.  Tools needed; hammer, pliers, rivets & nails (LHIA has some).

Flooding – Now is the time to lay down many thin layers of water onto the rink surface.  Drag the hose out, hook it up, let it rip.  No special tools required.  After the base is laid, we will move to flooding to increase ice.  Same basics, just adding more water to flood.

Kickboard repair – A lot of the blur kickboards are in tough shape.  These need to be gone over, removed and repaired in order to keep the remainder of the rink protected.

Snow removal – After any snowfall we will need to clear the ice.  We will have the blower equipment to do so.


Letter Fundraising Campaign: 

We are coordinating efforts to send out a big net letter campaign.  We will be preparing letters for local residences, summer residences, businesses from Mani to Hazlehurst, and special backer status too.  Our goal is to be through printing by January 15th.  Then to stuff and send out letters over the last 2 weeks of January.


Concessions High School & Youth Weekends:

We will be opening concessions during our home HS hockey games and for our youth hockey weekends.  Jess Loewe is a great contact for scheduling concessions.  We will be coordinating help based on the levels you kids are playing on.

There are many ways to get your volunteer hours in.   The following are some ways you can get involved.

Serving on a committee or Board


Assistant Coaching

Rink Cleaning Duties

Fundraising Activities

Snow Removal (equipment bonus)

Game functions (Clock, Announce, Pick-up)

Locker room monitor

Team Parent

Lobby Cleaning

Concessions Stand Attendant (All Families must do one game)

If you have any questions please call Gabe @ 651-269-6422